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Protect your business from data loss.

Never worry about losing your data again with Nuvex’s Cloud storage and data backup services! Let us help you manage and upload your data to secure online storage so you can say goodbye to major downtime from data losses. 


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cloud storage & data backup

store and backup your data on the cloud!

Store and backup your entire business with our secure cloud storage and data backup software.

Nuvex Solutions lets you go about your business with peace of mind. You can work with confidence knowing that all your data is backed up and secure, accessible from anywhere in the world!

what is cloud storage & disaster data backup?

Cloud storage is made up of at least one data server that a user connects to via the internet. This makes your files accessible online from anywhere in the world! While some businesses may work exclusively with Cloud storage, some businesses may still keep a majority of their files offline in a physical hard drive. Disaster data backup ensures all your files are backed up frequently to mitigate any downtime in the case of a lost device, malware or systems crash.

how much does cloud storage cost?

We recommend Microsoft One Drive for day-to-day Cloud storage, which is included in Microsoft 365 subscriptions! If you already have a Microsoft 365 account, you may already have access to some Cloud storage for your business.

how does disaster backup & recovery work?

We back up your entire business server daily! All your information is stored in a secured server based right here in Canada. In the event that you lose your data, we can quickly recover everything, down to a specific file!

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why nuvex?

Nuvex is your most trusted and reliable IT provider ensuring any IT inquiry is addressed within 4 hours or less!

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We respond to all customer inquires within 4 hours of contacting us!

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All our IT techs have passion and experience in delivering world-class IT support.

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We ensure all your IT needs are addressed and covered so you can focus on what you do best!

Affordable pricing

Our pricing model ensures you get exactly what you need in one easy-to-manage monthly payment.

Security & confidentiality

Our service provides you with peace of mind knowing your data is secure and stays confidential.

Maximum potential

Keep your team and company operating at full potential without downtime or IT headaches!