lethbridge managed IT services

Worry-free IT solutions.

Our managed IT service packages cover all your IT needs! Services in each package include IT consulting, antivirus and cybersecurity, network monitoring, and much more!

Proudly providing IT services for Lethbridge, Taber, Fort Macleod and more!

lethbridge managed IT services

we manage all your IT needs for one monthly fee!

We take care of all your core IT necessities and you pay per workstation so you can start small and scale up as you grow!

Nuvex Solutions takes a holistic approach to IT. That means we monitor all your systems and proactively eliminate issues before they cause damage. We’re proud to provide world-class service so you can focus on what’s really important: running your business. 

what is the difference between managed IT & hourly IT services?

Managed IT support allows us to take a proactive approach to keeping your IT footprint healthy. It lets us monitor, update, backup, protect, and secure all the pieces to ensure that your business can continue to operate smoothly.

On the other hand, hourly IT service works on a reactive basis. When something breaks, you hire an IT company to fix the situation. However, hourly service can often cost more as outages are typically due to a lack of proactive security measures. This means that your system may have been exposed to risks for a long period of time before being the problem was detected. With more serious issues that take longer to fix, your cost also goes up.

how do you charge for managed IT services?

We charge a fixed monthly subscription fee to look after all your IT essentials and more! The monthly fee is determined by several factors, such as the number of workstations, number of servers, and locations.

what optimizations are included in managed IT packages?

At Nuvex Solutions, our goal is to get your business operating as efficiently as possible. When we onboard new clients we clean up all your hardware and devices to optimize your workstations without spending more. In most cases, this is sufficient to drastically improve the overall performance of your computer and devices! 

how do you keep our IT current and secure?

 Say goodbye to waiting for your computer to update before you can get to work! Our systems monitor all your devices and will actually update your operating systems and security software automatically when your devices aren’t being used. We also monitor your systems regularly with real-time security alerts so we can mitigate issues before they become problems.

what’s included in managed it services?

Manage your etire business at one affordable monthly price!

Unlimited Support

Questions or concerns about your IT? We handle all of your issues without any extra cost to you!

Network Monitoring

We monitor your entire network so if issues arise we are notified immediately. In most cases, we can fix the issue before you even know about it!

Priority Service

Our managed IT service clients get priority service. Say goodbye to waiting hours on end for a response!

Disaster Backup & Recovery

We backup all your files and ensure all devices are continually doing the same! We can quickly recover lost data so you don’t miss a beat . 

Anti-Virus & Security

Have all your devices secured and protected with our most advanced security software!

Email Support

Get more out of your email by letting us help setup and maintain your email! Focus your efforts on growing your business instead of fighting your email setup.

why nuvex?

Nuvex is your most trusted and reliable IT provider ensuring any IT inquiry is addressed within 4 hours or less!

4-hour response time

We respond to all customer inquires within 4 hours of contacting us!

Expert IT professionals

All our IT techs have passion and experience in delivering world-class IT support.

Worry-free IT

We ensure all your IT needs are addressed and covered so you can focus on what you do best!

Affordable pricing

Our pricing model ensures you get exactly what you need in one easy-to-manage monthly payment.

Security & confidentiality

Our service provides you with peace of mind knowing your data is secure and stays confidential.

Maximum potential

Keep your team and company operating at full potential without downtime or IT headaches! 

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