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Update and repair your computers.

Are you experiencing performance issues with your current computer? Is your computer in need of repair? Let us fix or upgrade your computer!

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computer hardware & repair

upgrade & fix your office computers!

We can assess if your computer can be fixed or if an upgrade is the better solution for you!

Not sure which computer is right for you? Talk with an IT professional and we can help you pick the perfect computer that fits your needs and budget!

fixing vs upgrading devices

Most cheap computers are made up of cheap motherboards, small and slow harddrives, an inadequate memory, and more. In cases where a cheap PC breaks down, it’s often possible to fix it, but it may be a better choice to invest in a device upgrade. This might not mean you have to get rid of a whole desktop; you may be able to replace parts inside with upgraded, better-functioning parts. Alternately, you can also custom-build your computers to fit your exact business needs, allowing you to build a powerful computer at a lower-than-retail price!

onsite & offsite computer repair

Experiencing issues with one of your computers or network? This is where our custom monitoring software really shines. Remote access allows our team to troubleshoot problems quickly, and because our software transmits data in real time, the diagnostic process is cut down significantly. This means that we’re able to identify the cause of the problems quickly, leading to shorter downtime for you and your business. We also offer on-site support for any of your issues as well, from installation to support and more. 

upgrading your computer

Looking to upgrade your harddrive space, memory, or graphics card? We can replace parts inside your existing computer so you only get the upgrades you need. If you’re looking for a whole new system, we’re also happy to provide our recommendations! Talk to us about custom builds that are tailored to your business needs.

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Nuvex is your most trusted and reliable IT provider ensuring any IT inquiry is addressed within 4 hours or less!

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We respond to all customer inquires within 4 hours of contacting us!

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All our IT techs have passion and experience in delivering world-class IT support.

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We ensure all your IT needs are addressed and covered so you can focus on what you do best!

Affordable pricing

Our pricing model ensures you get exactly what you need in one easy-to-manage monthly payment.

Security & confidentiality

Our service provides you with peace of mind knowing your data is secure and stays confidential.

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Keep your team and company operating at full potential without downtime or IT headaches!